100% Domestic Production in International Standards!

We provide servicing with our experts and advanced machine systems at 2500 m² closed area of our production facility located in Organized Industrial Zone Fatsa/Ordu.

Your child's health is important to us!

All the materials used in the production of school and baby care bags are in accordance with the standards set by the ministries and suitable for children’s health and contain no substances such as azo dye, phthalate, heavy metal and harmful to health.

Customer satisfaction is our priority in doing every business

We constantly improve our processes in line with customer demands and expectations and aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We use our long-standing experience in the industry and our customer-focused service to transform all our resources into customer satisfaction.

Timely delivered product is valuable.

Our company has proved to be reliable in finishing program liabilities given to the customers in line with their wishes so far, with timely product deliveries.

School bags

School bags used by children to transport all their stuff and food from their very young age throughout their education life are produced in various sizes and specifications for different needs. These; Kindergarten bags in small size for the children going to kindergarten, a school backpack for elementary school students, a wheeled (trolley) school bag to lighten the load on children’s backs, a lunch bag for food carry, and a pencil case for items such as pencils, erasers, sharpener for the usage by children. Also enjoyed by children with their design that appeals to children besides than their functionality.


The backpack is a wide range of bags, comfortable to use and a large inner space, which helps you keep up with the fast tempo of everyday life. One of the greatest comforts of using, you can do the things at the same time you need to do as you carry your bag since your hands are free. In terms of health, it will be a much more suitable choice than hanging bucket bags that is especially on a single shoulder. The backpack is also preferred by many as a travel bag. You can carry items you will use during travel in this way, and you can also use your backpack as your daily bag while you are traveling in your destination.

Baby Care Bags

The baby care bag is the number one priority to meet all their needs for mother and baby. There are many factors that make a baby care bags handy. Inner space that is large enough to take all necessary supplies for the baby is one of the considered thing. At the same time, it will provide convenience for putting personal items of the mothers with its multi-part structure. The presence of thermal compartments inside or beside the bag makes the mother’s job much easier. These compartments provide that the bottles or foods that need to be protected at a certain temperature can be transported without losing heat. Another important issue is that baby care bags are made of materials suitable for baby health and easy to clean materials that is stain-proof.